Stay Involved: Most Enjoyable Alumni Roles

The traditional definition of alumni is “former students of a certain school”, or higher learning institution. However, today, depending on the institution, the meaning varies slightly with some institutions restriction alumni to only those students who managed to graduate while others include even the staff and students who for one reason or another failed to complete their studies.

Importance of alumni

mentorshipBack in the day, alumni operations were treated as being separate from the institution in question and thus not involved in activities such as mentorship or fundraising. Whilst alumni interacted with one another, they almost had no connection with the parent institution.

But, today this kind of roles have increased and become more interesting. At a fundamental level, alumni:

  • Are the most loyal supporters of an educational institution.
  • Are the best marketers of the institution, with word of mouth working perfectly among their colleagues and other social networks.
  • Act as good role models for “onion students” who need guidance on the best way to go about their studies and also how to make the best career choices.
  • Act as global ambassadors for learning institutions as they take an institution’s principles wherever they operate.
  • Are a good source of skills in the institution as they all venture into different careers, offering an invaluable and diverse skillset.

Maintaining a good and symbiotic relationship between an institution and former students is extremely beneficial and should therefore start being fostered before students even graduate to ensure they gain from what the institution is offering and also so that when they leave, they will also help the institution in a great number of ways and also encourage new members to join and enrol.

Alumni can get the satisfaction of doing a great deed by helping other students currently in the institution achieve their dreams.