==Photo Gallery Page==

With the advances made technologically, photos have become an essential part of our livelihood, as they are said to speak in volumes. The photos are sources both from the institution’s record and also from the alumni and students. The photo sources are based on free will of the owners and with concern from the relevant authority.

  • Easy Sharing

Moreover, pictures can be easily shared across various several social media, which thus makes it easy for them to reach and also appeal to a large number of people. Further photos enable a much easier retrieval of memory in which the photo was taken. Thus, easily facilitating the sharing process for which alumni would engage in during a social gathering or a fun event.

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Further, the photos taken and shared by the alumni can help a person determine the kind of culture to be expected in an institution. Also with the increase in international student exchange programs which are most encouraged as they help enhance the richness of the institution through the program. With the help of student exchange programs, the students can have a better understanding of the globe especially the areas that the student exchange program is from while enhancing a cosmopolitan environment in the campus. This gives the students an experience of the difference in culture which they may encounter in their workplaces and the globe labor market.

Alumni Programs and Initiatives

Alumni most often organize programs that are meant to aid the learning institution in which they studied. The programs are aimed at improving the physical state, infrastructure or equipment that is available. Having to equip institutions of higher learning is vital for the growth and prosperity and for equipping the students with the necessary skills. This is mainly done through specific programs which include Financial Aid, Monetary Funds and Donor Programs.