How to Make Friends During Freshers Week

A lot student wants to keep their friends from primary- and high school during the fresher’s week. This is something many students can remember clearly from their young days. The feeling that you are coming to a new school, without knowing anyone and have issues understanding what is actually happening. However, you do not have to worry because there are hundreds of other students who are in the same spot as you. Everyone comes with one goal and the goal is get to know each other, during the freshmen week!

shutterstock_270696506How to handle it?

Do not put pressure on your self during the freshmen week. It all comes naturally by itself. By letting go with your anxiety, other freshmen’s can have an easier time to interact with you. If you feel horrible and nervous during the freshmen’s week, others can feel it. This does not contribute to the freshmen week. Be open for new interactions and meet new people, because everyone is on the same spot as you and are looking for comfort. Visit if you want to know more about the different degrees in college or university before freshmen’s week starts!

How to make friends!

How to make friends does not have a formula. It is more about being open-minded and interacting with new people during the fresher’s week. Usually, students are not happy for it in the start ,but later on when they start to interact with people during the week, they will feel amazing. The school will not leave you alone, because they know how it feels and contribute with games for the new comers. This is an easy way to interact with people, who are in the same spot as you and makes everything more playful. Many students have wrote that this is the best way to make friends!