Finding a Mentor While in School

Many students often find the going a bit challenging especially during their first year in class as they realize that they lack adequate experience to quickly grasp everything taught to them. Therefore, it is important to get a mentor while studying for your bachelor’s. The student may encounter challenges in understanding all the lectures delivered by their lecturers and they might require the assistance of a mentor. Mentoring in schools is gaining wide recognition in different places and it is a very effective way of improving the performance of the mentee.

Essentially, the mentor nurtures the student in a professional manner and the goal is to improve their performance in different areas. This can be achieved through creating a situation where both the mentor and the mentee can exchange information in a free and enabling environment that is not restricted by authoritative overtures by the lecturer. The essence of mentoring is to ensure that the students understand the problem areas where they often lag behind others.

mentorA mentor can identify the needs of the student which help to draw an action plan that that can be implemented to achieve the desired results. The mentor should also create an environment where all elements of fear are removed from the student in order to achieve maximum cooperation in the process. It is also important for the mentor and mentee to get involved with each other where information can be freely exchanged.

Being a good listener also plays a pivotal role in creating mutual relationship between the mentor and mentee in school. In order for the student to feel comfortable with the whole scenario, the mentor should not act as the evaluator but helper. The reason behind the exercise is to help the student to improve in their performance as well as to gain confidence in their studies which often many of them lack.