Corporate Social Responsibilities

Moreover, the alumni can initiate other programs that address the human pandemics such as HIV and AIDS, early pregnancies, and also drugs and substance abuse that are being used by the young people in colleges and universities. The program would help in curbing the use of the drugs and other substances, and also helping in maintaining a drug-free society. The use of drugs leads to students dropping out of school and engaging in other activities which might be illegal and in the long run causing early deaths of the young people. Thus leaving the population with the less energetic manpower that is meant to drive the economy.

  • Supervisory

In recent times, the alumni work, hand in hand with the institutions that it is associated with. Thus they can develop a committee that would be charged with supervising and ensuring stewardship of the institution. Such, collaboration raises high standards of corporate governance by the higher learning institutions. Hence the management of the higher learning institution is able adequately to manage it with the help of the alumni committee in the board of management. Further, with continuous supervision the institution gets high recommendations from various authorities which then attracts more donor funding and also the student body having to grow in number as a result of proper management and good corporate governance.

  • Research Programs

Mainly, higher learning institutions are charged with the responsibility of undertaking research programs. The alumni should thus ensure that this core activity is continuously undertaken by the institution. Also, where necessary the alumni may in collaboration with students ensure various research projects for behaving within the institutions. Also, for the research to be undertaken necessary steps should be taken to ensure that the students have access to all the necessary resources required for them to undertake their research projects. If such equipment is unavailable the alumni through the relevant bodies should lobby for the equipment to be purchased, leased or hired.

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