Awards Celebrations and Gifting

  • Awards Celebrations and Gifting

Rewarding a person not only shows support but also acts as an encouragement to the person being awarded for their hard work and determination. Thus, having to reward students who engage in groundbreaking research discoveries is yet another program that alumni tdownload-10ake to encourage the learner to pursue higher academic excellence, in areas of science and computer engineering. Moreover, the students may be funded by the alumni, to make their discoveries a reality, applicable to the real world. Such kinds of award ceremonies may be held on a periodic basis so that the students can look forward to them and also make plans in consideration to such events. The awards ceremonies may act as avenues in which companies recruit their employees since higher learning institutions act as a large pool of source manpower. Such collaboration with recruitment firms that an institution makes helps its students in having a better chance of being recruited compared to other students from other institutions.

  • Research Paper Publications

The research papers written by students should be well kept and published as they are a rich source of information. This also makes the students feel appreciated that their research papers were published by the University. The publishing of such papers may be very helpful.

  • Art and Cultural Initiatives

Art and culture also play an important role in the society and as such should be encouraged to ensure a good standing of the Society and its members in developing high ethical standards. Hence, the alumni act as role models in helping learners being all rounded in the institution and also to the community. Since the community is the environment in which the learners would be interacting with as they conduct their business here, and in the long term while developing the family institution.