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Finding a Mentor While in School

Many students often find the going a bit challenging especially during their first year in class as they realize that they lack adequate experience to quickly grasp everything taught to them. Therefore, it is important to get

What To Expect During Your Last Year in College

The last year at college is very important and can determine the destiny of the student in different ways. Therefore, expectations are high during this crucial year. Since the final year in college is very important, the

Stay Involved: Most Enjoyable Alumni Roles

The traditional definition of alumni is “former students of a certain school”, or higher learning institution. However, today, depending on the institution, the meaning varies slightly with some institutions restriction alumni to only those students who managed

After You Graduate – How To Be an Active Alumnus

In order to become active alumni after graduating, there are different things that graduates should take into consideration so that they do not sever ties with their university. The alumni profiles specifically details vital information about the