Alumni Profiles Page

The alumni profiles are like a journal or diary that are useful in recordings of events and activities that the alumni undertook during their time spent at a particular learning institution. They are a wealthy source of information as they get to detail the milestones that a class of alumni took before the completion of their academic term.

  • Historical Recordalumni-prof-pic

The records created by the alumni in their profiles act as a historical record of the chronology of events that happened in various years at the institution. Thereby the alumni get to share with the students and others in the public the reason for which they decided to choose a particular college or institution. From such information a potential student or a parent in search for a college on behalf of their siblings would be able to make informed and reliable decisions on where the education offered would be a worthwhile investment for the student.

  • Alumni Imprint

The alumni through their profiles get to leave an imprint with the institution for which they can easily use in associating themselves with the institution, thereby providing a digital record as proof of their actual time spent in the institution. Also, an alumni profile enables various individuals to take pride for the time in which they spent at a particular higher learning institution.

Through the alumni profiles, other students or the public can correlate between the work an alumnus is currently doing and the course which they pursued in college. And if an alumnus’ course and career don’t correlate, a follow-up can perhaps be made on why the change happens and when it happened. Such information shared may play a vital role to the decision a student would be required to make especially when choosing their majors. Since the choice would impact the life of the student and such decisions should not be made in haste and gathering all relevant information is key for making the decision.