Alumni News Page

Upon completion of their studies graduates, start forging their careers based on the interest and passion they have and which gives them the drive for living. Some, of these passions and interests, fall in line with the careers of some graduates while others drift from the courses that they pursued from a higher learning institution.

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Nowadays, most alumni share their success stories and their difficulties that they underwent as they started off their business or career lives. Such stories act as an inspiration to the students where the alumni studied and gave them the drive to diligently pursue their career disciplines. The stories about the alumni success help other people in learning from them and thus helping them to not repeat similar mistakes as they develop their careers.

  • Mentorship Programs

Alumni may start mentorship programs that are geared to empowering the students from various disciplines and those about to join higher learning institutions. Moreover, the students through the alumni programs and initiative can get professional and quality advice from the well-informed alumni who are making an impact in the corporate arena and having experience of a rapidly changing global community.

  • Opportunity Creation

There may be opportunities that the alumni might realize or gaps requiring to be filled which can thus be easily filled right from the institution’s student body through the alumni programs, which creates a career development opportunity for the selected student. The institution may also reach out to the alumni while wishing to undertake an activity such as scholarship programs or when undertaking the recruitment of employees. For which the alumni would get a chance to be employed as they have a better undertaking of the organization and are well aware of the organization culture being practiced which makes it easier for them during the induction process.

Also, sharing information about the scholarship with high potential students who stand a higher chance of being accepted to the institution as the have a better know-how of the student culture that is acceptable by the institution.