Alumnus is an individual who has completed his or her studies from a higher learning institution and hence referred to as alumni of the institution. Alumni of an institution most often develop programs within the institution which they can identify with their year of study. Any graduate of an institution since its establishment can form part of the alumni irrespective of years passed since graduation. The purpose of alumni coming together is to avoid losing contact after they have departed from college. Some grads may travel to different parts of the world in search for a better life and would still like to maintain contact with other graduates.

With the advancements in technology, reconnecting the alumni has been made much easier. Graduates can contact each other via various online platforms such as social medias, websites or even through phone calls. Thus updating each other on matters relating to the institution such as events or celebrations.

They can start initiative programs, which are aimed at helping themselves, the institutions, the community and also other associations that might have been established within the learning institution. The initiatives grads undertake as the alumni will be for promoting goodwill for the organization and also painting a good corporate image of the institution to the general public. Through the programs, popularity of the institution will be increased in various regions which it can source its student body from.

Nowadays it seems as though institutions are reaching out to the alumnus with the aim of creating an academic community as a way to improve the academic in the institution. Graduates have an important role as the alumni to help the institution financially, socially and politically through various activities. The resources they generate can be utilized by the institution and other stakeholders.