About the Programs

  • The Donor Programs

Alumni, interact closely with the institutions in which they studied in, and thus they can help meet the needs of the institution since they understand them much better than other people. The alumni can organize fundraisers as a means of improving the institution in which they studied. The alumni may achieve this by invit2453780328d9d25755d1c8d125ea0413ing other people who are in support of the vision and mission that the institution has. Also, the alumni may undertake the exercise among themselves where they are encouraged to donate through the alumni program. Also, the alumni can engage in business in the form of a partnership and from which the proceeds that are obtained would be donated to the learning institution. The finances collected from various activities are then handed to the organization and necessary arrangements made to ensure that the amount awarded to the organization is surely going to be spent for the intended purpose, thus reducing such chances of the money being embezzled by the management.

  • The Monetary Fund

The donation program may take other forms such as what the alumni has set for a monetary fund. The fund may be used to support sponsored students or those who are financially needy. This helps in reducing dropout rates from a higher learning institution, which is currently at a higher rate than it ever has been in the previous years. Moreover, from the monetary funds, the alumni body can make investment plans that would generate considerable returns to help them in funding their various activities.

  • The Financial Aid

Since the alumni body is an independent segment to the institution, it may aid the institution through the various avenues that it might be able to help it meet its financial needs. These provide essential support and facilitate valuable projects. The money obtained from various activities are handed to the organization, and necessary plans are made to ensure that spending is done appropriately.