About Other Programs

  • Training and Apprenticeship programs

Alumni may engage in training programs that are aimed at empowering students and also inspire them to achieve more through other activities within the school. Which, helps the students obtain a more entrepreneurial approach to life, and thus enabling them to undertake various jobs which are not only white collar ones as the job market is crowded.

  • Rapidly Changing Business Environment

More so, the training helps in equipping them for the rapidly occurring changes in the global market that require high aptitude to the changes occurring in both the financial and economic markets. Such changes may have adverse effects on the business environment in which students might not be well aware of, hence through the training can obtain various skill necessary to deal with this kind of a problem. Coupled with the trainer’s personal experience in such situations, learners are more advantaged if faced by such problems in the future.

  • Theoretical and Pradownload-7ctical Disparities

Also, there are di
sparities that occur between the academic programs which don’t reflect on the actual occurrences in the real world. These disparities can be mitigated through the various training programs that the alumni hold for students. This helps the students to be able to adequately relate between what they are taught and that which is required of them in the real world. Moreover, corporate visitations and internship programs can be organized for the students who are undertaking various programs to help them in drawing a relationship between theoretical aspects of the studies and also the practical nature.

  • Collaborative leadership programs

The student body and the alumni body can engage in various leadership programs that assist the student body with filling up the positions that would be vacated by various committee members of the alumni body. Such leadership programs help in ensuring the continuity of the alumni body and the prosperity of the institution.