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Awards Celebrations and Gifting

Awards Celebrations and Gifting Rewarding a person not only shows support but also acts as an encouragement to the person being awarded for their hard work and determination. Thus, having to reward students who engage in groundbreaking

Corporate Social Responsibilities

Moreover, the alumni can initiate other programs that address the human pandemics such as HIV and AIDS, early pregnancies, and also drugs and substance abuse that are being used by the young people in colleges and universities.

Class Progress and Report

Humans, being social are required to interact with each other and also keep connections with others and also create new ones overtime. Thus it is of the greatest importance that alumni keep connections with their graduation year

Alumni Profiles Page

The alumni profiles are like a journal or diary that are useful in recordings of events and activities that the alumni undertook during their time spent at a particular learning institution. They are a wealthy source of

About the Programs

The Donor Programs Alumni, interact closely with the institutions in which they studied in, and thus they can help meet the needs of the institution since they understand them much better than other people. The alumni can

==Photo Gallery Page==

With the advances made technologically, photos have become an essential part of our livelihood, as they are said to speak in volumes. The photos are sources both from the institution’s record and also from the alumni and

About Other Programs

Training and Apprenticeship programs Alumni may engage in training programs that are aimed at empowering students and also inspire them to achieve more through other activities within the school. Which, helps the students obtain a more entrepreneurial

Alumni News Page

Upon completion of their studies graduates, start forging their careers based on the interest and passion they have and which gives them the drive for living. Some, of these passions and interests, fall in line with the